Friday, 29 May 2009

Adidas Rome Edition in Brunei: Kashful Ent. & Gills Sports

The rome adidas edition has arrived..So far I didn't have time to survey at all the shops, but I went to kashful & Gills sport and all three has arrived..
Adipure white/cardinal (maroon)-will cost around ($150-$170)
Predators pwr swerve black/gold/cardinal-will cost ($220-$250)
F50 (complete set) cardinal/white-will cost ($220-$250)
F30 cardinal/white-$130-$150..(Only at Kashful and there is a Blue/white F30 at Gills)
So far other arrivals at Kashful, MV5 white and purpleish blue or abyss..will cost between $230-$250..
Oh, and FYI, the Beckham predators climacool and Rooney's latest T90 laser 2 at Kashful is already out of stock not more then 2 stuff...but gills has a new shipment of the yellow goodies..
ok then till then...

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